08 Sep

Welcome 2015 Students and Parents!

There's something really special about new beginnings. The first day of school is an opportunity to start fresh and to embrace all of the exciting learning opportunities to come. I met some of my classes today and I look forward to meeting more tomorrow. We will be getting to know each other this week, a process that will continue throughout the year. I look forward to hearing about your learning goals, but for now, I thought I'd share some of mine.

  1. Social Justice: In previous years, students have really loved units that had connections to issues and struggles that they see in the news and in our community. This year, I'd like to pursue learning opportunities that allow students to explore social justice and to have a voice in their community.
  2. Going Paperless (or as close as possible): Let's be honest, English teachers are well-known tree killers. I'd like to change that, at least a little. On the first day of school (due to Ministry regulations), I'm required to do a large paper distribution of course outlines (though they're all available on this website), forms and more forms. Once those are complete, my students and I will use Google Classroom (available through the school, in the TDSB network through AW). This is the first year that I have used this tool and I look forward to seeing its potential. Among other things, students will have 24/7 access to their assignments (both assigned and marked), they will be able to see upcoming due dates (as well as past due assignments), and best of all, they will be able to get feedback before they turn in an assignment as it gives teachers the ability to comment on student work as it is being done! It all sounds very exciting and I hope that we will be able to learn together how best to use it.
  3. Blogging: The year goes by so quickly and I'd like to try to document it at regular intervals. I'd like to publish my own reflections as a teacher, as well as to showcase student work (with their permission, of course). I hope this year to "learn out loud" and in so doing, strengthen my practice and reflect on the learning (successes and failures) in my professional practice.
01 Sep

Welcome 2014 Students and Parents!

Hello! Another school year is about to begin. Are you as excited as I am? 

If you're new to my classes, I look forward to meeting you this week. If you've been in my class before, you're probably already familiar with my website. Please browse through your class section and come back often, as content is posted regularly.

This website is designed for students in my class AND their parents/guardians. It is a space where I post class notes and ideas for further thought, homework, due dates, upcoming assignments, videos, articles and more. It is my hope that this content will encourage you to have conversations about our course and its materials outside of the classroom. Please feel free to email me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

To use this website, simply look over to the far right column ---> 

In the section marked "Classes", you should find your course code. Click on the class and you'll be taken to the landing page for that course. The landing page has important info: course outlines, course materials, information on reminders (text messages that I can send to students and parents to remind them of upcoming due dates or other important information). As we move through the course, I will continue to add content in each unit (new units will appear as we go through them). You can always go back and see old posts and content. I will keep all of the content up until the course ends in June (great for an exam review).

15 Jul

Weird Al Makes English Teachers Everywhere Swoon

Love the catchy beat of "Blurred Lines" but hate the misogyny? Well, now there's a song for you.

All kidding aside, Weird Al Yankovic has been making me smile for decades and his most recent release, "Word Crimes" does not disappoint. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve in the coming days, but this one absolutely MUST be bookmarked for every English teacher everywhere...



01 Sep

Welcome Back!

This blog post is intended for my students and their parents/guardians.

It's Back To School time again! I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all my new students, parents/guardians and readers.

 I hope you all had a wonderful summer. My summer has been exciting and busy and crazy in the best possible way. 

Here's a sneak peek:

24 Mar

AML 21st Century Literacies Conference, 2013


This year's AML 21st Century Literacies Conference: Forging the Media Literate Classroom will be a fantastic opportunity to connect with colleagues and share ideas. I have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of the presenters and I am really excited to hear some of the talks. I hope you'll consider joining us this year at York University, Winter's College. 

If you're not a York University student, you can register using the "AML Member" registration and you will be added to the AML membership. This is a free event thanks to York University's Faculty of Education and The Association for Media Literacy. Lunch will be provided!

To register now, click here.