ENG1D6U5L1: Cat's Cradle

April 7-9, 2015: 

Have you ever played Cat's Cradle? Don't worry, you will this week! We'll also begin the novel of the same name.

In these classes, we will begin our study of Cat's Cradle. We will do a close reading of the text (chapter 1). We will distinguish between a close reading and active reading. If you'd like you may use your smartphone or the class dictionary to look up words that you do not understand.

A close/active reading involves more than just understanding the words. This time, when you read the text, you will be more active. I would like you to read it with a pencil in your hand and take notes as you go through this first section. Please do not write in your book. Use a piece of paper and take notes in your binder. You may use this sheet as a guide, or if you'd like to fill it in on your own computer, you may download the docx version here.

Together we will do a close reading of Chapter 1 to get you started. You will then continue to do the rest of the active reading on your own. A close reading may be done for key sections of the novel (with more notes). A close reading is not done for an entire novel. For the novel, you will read actively, adding to your notes as it is relevant.

Generally, you will pull more quotes at the beginning of the novel. Close readings are extremely useful for examining key scenes and finding patterns in a text. You will be able to use this tool with any text you encounter in the future!

Remember, if you need extra help, I am available both before school and at lunch by appointment.

Homework Assigment: Due April 9

Please do a close reading of chapters 1-8. You may choose to look at the section as a whole or focus on key passages/pages. Be sure to consider the titles of the chapters, key characters, allusions, symbols, ideas and more.

Additional Resources: 

Useful page that has great questions: "Close Reading of a Literary Passage"