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Ms. Solomon, 2011

In 2004, when I began using a website with my students and parents, I never imagined what an impact the internet would have, not only on my students, but on me as well! .Welcome to MsSolomon.com. I am a Media Studies Specialist and English teacher in Toronto, Ontario. I have my MA in English Literature from McMaster University and my B.Ed from OISE, University of Toronto. I love learning as much as I love teaching. I have been involved in several exciting initiatives, including co-organizing Edcamp Toronto

I hope that this website will be a place where teachers, parents and students can come together to exchange ideas, to have discussions and to learn from one another.My blog, open to any who wish to read it, will discuss topics of interest to me (and hopefully to you!) in my professional life. Art, Literary Studies, Education, I hope to explore it all. As an Executive in the Association for Media Literacy and co-moderator of #K12Media (a weekly chat for media education), many of my posts will deal with Media Studies and Media Literacy.

Comments are welcome. I love reading comments and replying to them.

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"Participants Decide 'What's Important' at Edcamp 2011" York University Faculty of Education News. November, 2011.