ENG1D6 Unit 6: Course Culminatings

April 13, 2015:

As we near the end of the course, we move into the course culminating period. Students have chosen their characters for the course culminating presentation "In My Defense" (selection was done on April 15), and they were assigned presentation dates on the same date. Presentations will begin on Tuesday May 5, 2015.

Assignment sheet and rubric:

In My Defense- Assignment Sheet

"In My Defense" Rubric

Due Dates for Process work:

Work will be checked on these dates. Students may make an appointment to see me for feedback on an as-needed basis. Please see me early to book your appointment. 

April 15: Character Selection

April 22: Research Notes 

April 29: Script 

**If your presentation date is early, you should complete the stages sooner so that you have enough time to  memorize your script**

*It is important to note that the same principles that govern final exams also apply to course culminating presentations. Please review the policies in your agenda (pp 15-17) for details.

In the event that a student is too sick to write a final exam, the parent/guardian must provide documentation of the illness… The parent/guardian is asked to contact the school before the exam is written. The parent/guardian will be given the Northern ‘Missed Evaluation’ form to be completed by a medical doctor and submitted within two days of the missed exam.

“If satisfactory documentation of the illness is provided on the missed evaluation form, an alternative evaluation may be scheduled. Students granted an alternative evaluation will receive a mark of “0” until they complete the alternative examination.**

Final Exam: The final exam for this course will be during the June examination period. Please check the posted exam schedule for details.

Exam Date for ENG1D6: Wednesday June 10, 2015 @ 9:00 am