Welcome 2014 Students and Parents!

01 Sep

Hello! Another school year is about to begin. Are you as excited as I am? 

If you're new to my classes, I look forward to meeting you this week. If you've been in my class before, you're probably already familiar with my website. Please browse through your class section and come back often, as content is posted regularly.

This website is designed for students in my class AND their parents/guardians. It is a space where I post class notes and ideas for further thought, homework, due dates, upcoming assignments, videos, articles and more. It is my hope that this content will encourage you to have conversations about our course and its materials outside of the classroom. Please feel free to email me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

To use this website, simply look over to the far right column ---> 

In the section marked "Classes", you should find your course code. Click on the class and you'll be taken to the landing page for that course. The landing page has important info: course outlines, course materials, information on reminders (text messages that I can send to students and parents to remind them of upcoming due dates or other important information). As we move through the course, I will continue to add content in each unit (new units will appear as we go through them). You can always go back and see old posts and content. I will keep all of the content up until the course ends in June (great for an exam review).

Please remember: this website is NOT a replacement for taking notes in class. The purpose of the website is so that you can check the information against your own notes in order to check your understanding and sometimes to extend and enrich that understanding. Reminders will be sent for major assignments, but not for each day's homework or minor activities. Ultimately the student is responsible for keeping track of his/her own work. Students are expected to use their student agendas or personal calendars (if you have a smartphone, use the calendar and alarm functions to remind yourself a week and then again a few days before important due dates) to keep track of assignments and due dates.

While much of the content on this website is for my students and their parents/guardians, this blog is for my own professional reflection and learning. I love teaching and learning and I am honoured to have a professional learning network of teachers who use the internet to reflect on their professional learning and practice. Most of the content in this "Blog" section of the site is for my own learning. If it is of interest to you, feel free to read it. I hope to use this space this year to reflect on my teaching and learning. 

There are other sections of the site that may be of use to other teachers, as I do share resources and ideas with my colleagues locally and globally. If you are a teacher and find any of the information useful, please let me know! If you're looking for a site rich with resources for teachers and parents, check out The Association for Media Literacy's website (I guest post there as well from time to time).

Parents and students should also take a look at The Department of English website, as there are valuable resources there for students and parents.

I look forward to meeting you all and to having a fantastic year!