ENG4C Unit 1: Non-Fiction

September 3-5, 2014:

"The Danger of a Single Story" 

On Wednesday we watched the film below and students were asked to take notes and write 3 main points made in Chimamanda Adichie's talk.

Notes were collected and then redistributed on Friday. 

Classroom Connections:

Each day we will begin class by making connections between stories that we are interested in and our classroom texts/discussions. Today we talked about:



The Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson

Links will be added for additional ideas on these interesting topics!

Classroom Work:

Using your notes from last class, write a one page (2 sided, double-spaced) response to Chimamanda Adichie's talk. Please respond to each of the three points you made and connect the ideas to your own ideas and experiences.

Homework: due Sept 9

Finish response (if you did not complete it in class).

Have a great weekend!