ENG3UU1L1: The Importance of Stories

September 10/11, 2014:

Classroom Connections:

Classroom connections is YOUR time! I'd like to hear about the stories that capture your interest/imagination. What stories, images, videos, ideas, songs, films etc would YOU like to talk about? Come to class each day with an interesting idea or story and we will discuss it in the first 10-15 min of class. 

Classroom Work:

Students' notes will be evaluated, and from there, will be asked to write a 2 page response to Chimamanda Adichie's "The Danger of a Single Story". The response should be written with an introduction (including the speaker's name/title of the talk), body paragraph (including the 3 points/observations you made last class), and conclusion. Students may use the first person but should try to cultivate an authorial voice. Avoid using contractions and slang.

This piece will be given a mark in the writing strand /10.

Feedback from this piece of writing will help direct our grammar investigations throughout this unit.

Students must submit the work through Google Classroom!

Homework: due September 13

Have a great weekend!