ENG4CU1L1: How do we get our Information?

September 11, 2014:

As we begin our unit on non-fiction, it is important to think about how we get our information. In our class discussion, students overwhelmingly reported using Google to research and find out about the world. Google is a great place to start, but it is important to understand the medium we are using. To that end, we watched Eli Pariser's "Beware Online Filter Bubbles"

Students were asked to research another story from THREE very different perspectives. We selected the story of Rob Ford's meeting with Mike Tyson.

Homework: due September 15, 2014

Complete your notes on the above video.

Find THREE different stories about the meeting between Mike Tyson and Rob Ford. Be prepared to present the articles/videos/stories you find and discuss these differences. Consider:

  • How is the story reported differently in each case?
  • What accounts for the differences in the story? 
  • What conclusions are drawn?
  • What biases may be present in the descriptions?

Each student will have 2 minutes to present and will be given a mark /5 in the Oral Strand.

Have a great weekend!