EPS3OU1L1: I Have a Dream

September 12, 2014:

Today we spent some time on two highly influential and well-known speeches (click on links for full text of speehes):

The Gettysburg Address - Abraham Lincoln

I Have a Dream - Martin Luther King

Additional Resources:

The Lasting Power of Dr. King's Dream Speech (New York Times)

Marting Luther King: The Story Behind His 'I Have a Dream' Speech (The Guardian)

Black America: Waking Life (The Economist)

Homework: due Tuesday Sept 16, 2014

Choose one passage (1-3 paragraphs or about 1/2 pg -- full text at link above) that stood out to you from Dr. King's speech. Annotate and note at least FIVE features of the speech. Bring these notes to class, they WILL BE CHECKED AND MARKED.

We will use these notes in our group activity next class.

Have a great weekend!