ENG4CU1L2: Detecting Bias in News Sources

September 15, 2014:

Today's lesson will focus on detecting bias in news sources. The class will:

  • define and understand the concept of bias
  • learn to identify possible points of view
  • understand why and how bias might occur in the news

Please see me if you missed today's class, as there are worksheets that you will need.

Homework: due Sept 17

Find a front-page/section news story that interests you. Please make sure that it is a story that you feel has immediate relevance to our discussion. Read through the story and consider the ways in which we can identify bias. PRINT it out (hard copies are mandatory) and bring it to class. We will be working on the worksheet distributed in class today on Wednesday.

September 17, 2014:

Students worked on the bias worksheet. Worksheets not completed in class must be completed for homework.

September 19, 2014:

Students will write a reflection on their findings of bias in the news article. Details were given in class. This is an IN CLASS writing assignment and reflections will not be taken home. Time will be given to complete/polish the reflections on Tuesday.