ENG4CU1L3: Writing a Response

September 23 & September 25:

On these days students will take their response to the news article they have selected and work on proofreading editing and polishing.

Sept 23:

Today we went over the three main parts of the response to bias in the news article. Students considered the following features of the response (structured like a brief essay).

  1. Introduction: In this paragraph, students must introduce their article, subject and argument.
  • The first sentence of the introduction must contain the title of the article (in ""), the name of the author (first and last) and the topic (bias in the news).
  • Next, the writer should expand on the topic being discussed.
  • The final sentence should be the thesis or argument. This is the plan for your response. You should include what types of bias you have found so that the reader can see how you will argue your case.

       2.  Body: In this paragraph, students will make their arguments, using details from the text & explanations.

  • Body paragraphs must include: 3 Examples (types of bias, from the thesis/argument) <-These are your points.
  • 3 Proofs (direct quotations or specific references from the article) <- These ar your proof.
  • 3 Explanations (How is bias revealed? Why is it important? How does it affect the article in this case?) <- These are your explanations.

       3.   Conclusion: In this paragraph, students will summarize the main argument and reflect on their findings.

  • The first sentence should restate the thesis or argument (in different words).
  • Explain for your reader the overall implications of your findings.
  • Leave the reader with a concluding sentence or question.

Editing Tips:

  1. Refer to the author or subject by LAST name (not first). For example, if you are writing about Chimamanda Adichie, use "Ms. Adichie" or "Adichie" after the first sentence of the introduction.
  2. All titles and excerpts from the text must have quotation marks!
  3. Do not use first person or second person (I, we, you). Instead use THIRD person (he/she/they).

Students must bring their:

Article (hard copy)

Bias handouts (filled in)

Rough draft (the one that was due today)

Working drafts

Please bring working drafts to class EVERY DAY. This is an in-class activity and I will collect the work at the end of the period. Students who need to catch up will be given between this class and next to catch up and then they will need to write the rest of the assignment in class. Please be sure to come to class prepared each day.

Thank you!