Grammar and Writing Resources

UPDATED: July, 2015

This page contains a running list of grammar resources for my students at all levels. If you need additional support with the particulars of grammar, please check out the appropriate resource below.

The Apostrophe: A story of belonging... and more (though the plural does NOT require one... n/m just see below):

Capitalizatiion: Start at the beginning and never miss a beat.

  • Capital Community College's "Capitalize This!" will help you remember when upper case letters are required.

Commas: Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma chamelion.... Ok, maybe that's just funny to me. Still, here are some resources for the Comma Confusion:

Hyphens and Dashes:

Mixed Constructions:

Participle Phrases, Modifiers and More: Don't misplace these!

Prepositions: Need help with these tricky words? If so, check out these pages...

Run-On (R/O) Sentences: Take a breath! Here are some resources to help keep your sentence length in check.

Sentence Fragments: Wait! Something's missing... Browse through these resources to help you construct full sentences.

  • This page by Robin L. Simmons gives readers a thorough explanation of sentence fragments. The page highlights the different types of fragments as well as how to fix them.
  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland's writing centre has a detailed handout with practice sentences.
  • Need more? Here you go!

Spelling: Tricks and Tips for upping your game!

Subject-Verb Agreement: Help for making subjects and verbs agree.

  • The Purdue University Online Writing Lab has many great resources. This one will help with the Subject-Verb Agreement issue.
  • Try this Quiz to see if you have mastered subject/verb agreement.

Verb Tense Consistency: Keep 'em consistent!