ENG4C Unit 2: The Novel

October 24-27, 2014:

Today we officially launch our novel study. This year, we will study Cory Doctorow's Little Brother (click on the title for a pdf copy).

Learning Goals:

  • Review/identify reading strategies
  • Activate prior knowledge (structure of novel as well as themes)
  • Analyse the cover (can you judge a book by its cover?)
  • Practice reading strategies using the opening of the novel

We may also have some visitors in our class today, so please be sure to make them feel welcome!

Additional Investigations:

Why might Marcus' school be called Caesar Chavez High?

Where is the Mission district (see what you can find out about the setting of the novel)?

What are "firewalls"? "Gait-recognition software"? "Snitch chips"?

What is the state of privacy protection in Canada? The Globe and Mail has a great overview of Canadian privacy.

What is Bill C-13 and how might it help protect people online? What might be problematic about these enhanced surveillance powers?