November/December 2014:

Over the next few weeks we will be researching, writing, recording and presenting Rick Mercer-styled Rants. Please see me if you do not have a copy of the assignment package.

November 6-10: In Library

On these days we will be researching and taking notes for the rant.

November 12: The Outline

Students will review their notes and outline their rants. Over the weekend, they will write the first draft of the rant.

November 17: First Draft of Rant due

We will edit and revise our rants today

November 19: Second (Revised) draft of Rant due

Students will hand in their TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED copies of their rants today. All rant scripts MUST be approved before a student may move on to filming the rant.

On this day, students will begin to storyboard their rants. Students will work with a partner to plan a filming schedule.