ENG1D6U2: Unit Culminating Paragraph

November 21

Today we went over paragraph writing, specifically what makes a good paragraph. Students then used their theme statements and notes to build an outline for their theme paragraph for Everyman.

Writing Excellent Paragraphs (adapted from Ms. Woodward)

Paragraph Outline

Rubric (Ms. Woodward)

Homework: due November 25

Students must bring in all rough work plus a first rough draft of their paragraphs.

November 25

Peer Editing

Today students worked on peer editing their rough drafts. Students had multiple opportunities for feedback on content and style for their paragraphs.

Homework: due November 27

Students must complete a typed, double-spaced SECOND draft of their paragraphs. These drafts must incorporate some of the feedback given in class.

November 27:

Today we will finalize and polish our paragraphs. Students will do additional rounds of peer editing and learn about incorporating feedback.

Final Paragraph (typed, double spaced) along with ALL ROUGH WORK is due on December 1, 2014