ENG4CU2: Discussion Circles

January 16: Discussion Circle #2

Please see below for addiitonal information on discussion circles. Our second discussion circle will take place on Friday. Discussions begin at the beginning of class, so please be on time!

Topics for discussion:

  1. The importance of the internet to teens (both in the novel and outside of the text). Be sure to make connections to the novel in the discussion.
  2. The relationship between the government and the people including the use of violence/brutalit

December 15-17:

On these days we will prepare for and participate in a discussion on the novel. The discussion will focus on Chapters 16-20. Topics selected by the class are as follows:

  1. Discuss the character of Marcus in the text (focus on Ch. 15-20).  Consider his relationships with: school, family, institutions, friendships and his motives. How do you better understand Marcus as a result of these chapters?
  2. Discuss terrorism in the text. What kinds of violence are sanctioned? Forbidden? What is the role of  the state/individual with regards to these kinds of violence?

Discussion will be held on December 17. Students are responsible for preparing BOTH topics. Topics will be assigned at the beginning of class on December 17.

REVISED: The discussion will be on January 8. We will use the period on January 6 to prepare for this discussion.

January 6, 2014:

How do we analyse literature? Pulling out these small moments in the text will help us to arrive at bigger conclusions. In class today, we considered the video below:

The notes you take for this activity, along with the chapter questions that you have answered will be used as we move into essay writing. We will finish Little Brother next week. After that, we will begin developing a thesis and writing an essay on the novel. Be sure to pull out the "little details" in the text to help support your ideas!