ENG3UU2L2: Introducing the Novel

January 6, 2015:

Today we began our journey into the novel. We spent some time considering what makes a literary work a novel. We explored some supplemental resources (see below) and defined the epistolary novel. Students received the schedule for the next few weeks. We will be exploring the novel using both traditional lessons AND a Book Club format. Additional details can be found on the assignment sheet below:

Book Club Assignment

Wiki Project

Rubric for Book Club

Rubric for Wiki

Students are responsible for coming to Book Club with their "Ticket of Admission" (see assignment sheet) completed and printed/written. Students will NOT be permitted to use their phones or devices during Book Club.

Book Club dates and areas of focus are as follows:

  1. Thursday January 8: Language
  2. Wednesday January 14: Characterization
  3. Tuesday January 20: Setting
  4. Monday January 26: Symbols
  5. Friday January 30: Theme

Students should take notes during their reading of the novel. Consider, especially at the beginning, using the Close Reading Sheet. This step will help you organize your ideas/content. Be sure to follow the instructions on the assignment sheet and to consider both The Color Purple AND your independent novel.

How can we find elusive "deeper meanings" in literature? Watch the video below for some tips from Amy E. Harter via TED Ed:

Additional Resources:

Canada, Mark. "An Introduction to the Novel". University of North Carolina, Pembroke Website. August, 2002. Accessed on Jan 6, 2015.

Edemariam, Aida. "Alice Walker: Free Spirit". The Guardian. June 23, 2007.

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