ENG1D6U3L2: Essay Writing

January 15, 2015:

Today we went over essay writing strategies and talked about the upcoming in-class essay. Students with a computer accommodation in their IEP may use the computer to write the essay. Students with extra time may have the lunch hour following the class for this purpose. Essays will NOT be taken home until the final polish. All substantive work must be completed in class.

The agenda for the rest of this assignment is as follows:

January 19: Write the Outline for the essay (please bring your notes!)

January 21: Write the first draft of the essay 

January 23: Complete first draft/ Peer editing of essay

January 27: Using notes/peer editing, begin second draft of essay (Marks review day). Essays will be taken home for typing and polishing.

January 29: Essays are due.

Rubric for Essay (same as final exam)