ENG4CU3L2: The Art of Rap

January 28 2015:

Today we finished watching Ice-T's documentary, "Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap". Students took notes on the film and next class we will have a discussion circle of the film on the following topics:

  1. There seems to be a struggle in the film between the love and passion for Hip Hop and the commercial implications of the industry. Money and power play a pivotal role in the rise and continued popularity of Hip Hop. How have artists dealt with this struggle? How does it influence their music? The culture? How do we see these competing elements portrayed in the film?
  2. There are many controversies within Hip Hop. Whether it is the representation of gender, drugs, glorification of violence or new vs. old school, this topic will explore them all.
  3. Hip Hop culture has four foundational elements: MC'ing, DJ'ing, breaking and graffiti. How are these elements portrayed in the film? How have they influenced hip hop?

Discussion Circles are on January 30, 2014. ALL student must be prepared to discuss all topics.