ENG4CU3L3: Who Is Hip Hop?

Feb 11-25, 2015

On these days we will consider the nature of hip hop and how it has changed over time. We will work toward writing an essay on these changes. The essay will be completed IN CLASS. Students who require a computer accommodation (as per IEP) must make arrangements with me and through Spec Ed. Please see me ASAP!

Feb 11: Hip Hope Metaphor

We looked at Common's "I Used to Love H.E.R." and considered the extended metaphor of Hip Hop as a woman.

Feb 17

We considered several stages that Common describes including:

  1. Old School
  2. Africentric
  3. Gangsta
  4. Influence of House/R&B/Jazz
  5. Commercial

Students took notes on the clips in preparation for the essay.

** Due to my absence the dates have been revised

Original: Feb 19: Outlining the Essay Feb 23: Rough Draft & Peer Editing Feb 25: Final Draft


Feb 25: Take stock, student-teacher meetings and support. Review essay writing and necessary steps

Feb 27:  Outline and begin rough draft

March 3: Finish rough draft, peer/self edit

March 5: Second draft, peer/self edit

March 9: Final draft - Essay is due at the end of the period.