ENG3UU3L3: Comparing Poetry

Feb 27, 2015

As of last class, students began the process of writing the comparative essay:

Clarifying the topic -analyse, find the basis of comparison

Gathering material -your poems, pulling quotes

Categorizing material -finding an organizational principle, exploring the different categories you found, chrystalizing the basis of comparison (adapted from Stewart, Kowler and Bullock, 136-139)

Students began by brainstorming ideas. They re-examined the poems they chose and begin thinking about connections. They worked on their Comparison Chart. This chart is an organizational tool to help you think about your poems in greater detail, to look for patterns and to narrow down a basis of comparison for your essay.

Today we modeled the process. Together we worked on the above process for two songs, "Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone and "Black and Blue" by Fatts Waller. 

I will be available in class to give individual feedback on your thesis statements. Alternatively, you may email or meet with me at lunch to get feedback. Be sure to work on the rough draft of your essay. 

On MARCH 5 we will peer edit the rough draft of your essay.

On MARCH 9 we will peer edit the second draft of your essay.

Essays must be submitted using proper MLA format. Please be sure to type and double space your essay.


The FINAL date to hand in the essay will be March 13, 2015


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