ENG3UU4L2: Close and Active Reading

April 8 &10, 2015:

On these days we will be reading through Act I of Macbeth. Students can download a digital copy or read online through the Folgers Digital Texts. There is some great information there, so check it out!

We discussed the differences between active reading (taking notes- including note-taking strategies) and Close Reading (see link for more details). 

We watched all of Act I from the Folger Theatre/Two River Company production.

Homework: due Tuesday April 14

Using this sheet for your notes (or if you'd like to fill it in on your own computer, you may download the docx version here) take notes on two significant passages (1/2 page -1 page) from Act I of Macbeth. These may be passages of your own choosing. Be sure to choose the passages you feel are most important. Write an analysis of your findings for each passage. Be prepared to present your passages in class on Tuesday!