April 20, 2015:

Last class, we finished our presentations on the close readings from Act I. Students did a fantastic job of bringing out key ideas from the text and analysing their responses.

Today we will begin Act II. As I will not be there, Ms. Richardson will take you through the act. Please be sure to continue your chart on violent acts in the play! Be sure to record the acts as you go and fill in your responses according to what was discussed in class.

We will view several versions of Act II in the coming days.

Homework: Due April 22

Write a close reading of ONE key portion of Act II. Please refer to the previous lesson for resources.


ENG3U students will be expected to attend a talk by a special guest speaker in the library at 12:30. As per our discussion on April 16, students may write a response for extra credit. The speaker is from the Black Lives Matter movement in Toronto and will be speaking about community responses to violence in our city. This is a fantastic opportunity and not to be missed. Students in my morning class will be excused from period 3 for this event as long as you attend and check in with me. The afternoon class MUST attend in the library. Please arrive no later than 12:30 and bring your notebook so that you can take notes.

I look forward to seeing all of you there!