ENG3UU4L4: Acts III and IV

April 24- May 8, 2015

On these days we will work through Acts III and IV of Macbeth. Students are expected to continue with their active reading notes. 

On Thursday April 30, we will see a production of the play in North York. See Field Trip form for details.

Friday May 8: Discussion Circle

Students will be expected to participate in a discussion circle on the following student-selected topics (using information from Acts I-IV):

  1. The "natural" and the "supernatural" are the source of key symbols in the play. Discuss any of these symbols and their role/meanings.
  2. Violence is depicted in a variety of ways in the play. Discuss sanctioned vs. unsanctioned violence, its role and effect on the play, characters and themes.
  3. Desire and ambition are dangerous in excess. Discuss.
  4. Gender plays an important role in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. How do gender roles/stereotypes influence/affect this relationship? The play? The other characters?