ENG3UU4L5: Completing the Play

May 14, 2015:

We have now completed our study of Macbeth. Your final task will be to examine a soliloquy from Macbeth and to create a modern-day "Shakespeare Selfie" (see Canada Writes for details). Please use the guidelines on the handout distributed in class today to analyse your selected soliloquy and to begin thinking about your modern-day work!

Analysis/Rough Work: Due Tuesday May 19

Final version and all rough work: Due Thursday May 21.

Items to submit on Thursday May 21:

  1. Analysis of the soliloquy from Macbeth. This analysis must include a description of the character, including what the soliloquy reveals about the character, their mood and attitude. The analysis must also identify literary features of the soliloquy including: imagery, antithesis, repitition, and any other devices that are used to increase dramatic effect. You must comment on these effects, as you will use similar effects/devices in your soliloquy.
  2. Your orinal soliloquy. The soliloquy must be between 20-25 lines long. It must use a similar form and similar devices to the original soliloquy. You must consider the tone of the soliloquy you have selected before modernizing, as they should match. You may discuss any issue/idea/news event from the past year in your original soliloquy. 

You will be given marks in the following strands:

Reading   /25: For your analysis of the Macbeth soliloquy.

Writing    /20: For your analysis and your original soliloquy.

Media      /25: For your connections/relevance to contemporary issue/idea.