Welcome to Ms. Solomon's World Religions class!

Together we will explore a variety of world religions and belief traditions. We will develop knowledge of the forms and concepts relevant to this area of study and examine the ways in which religions and belief traditions meet various human needs. We will learn about the relationship between belief and action. We will examine some sacred writings and teachings and consider how the concepts of time and place influence different religions and belief traditions. Much of the course will be inquiry based and we will develop your inquiry skills! (Adapted from Ministry of Education)

Our classroom space will be both in person (at school) and online through Google Classroom. All of our course materials, online discussions and more will take place there. More information to come! To access the classroom, please go to our AW site:

From there, you simply login as you would at school and then navigate to our Google Classroom.

For more information about this course, please see the HRT3M Course of Study.

For more information on assessment and evaluation practices, please refer to "Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools" (see the chart on page 11 for more information on how Learning Skills and Work Habits are assessed).

Additional resources will be posted as we go through the course and pages will be updated accordingly so please check the Google Classroom often!