K12Media: A New Direction

13 Sep

These past few weeks have been very exciting for us. Each week, a small and distinct group of individuals have come together to discuss Media Education, and it has been amazing to see. Ms. Keats and I reflected on the experience last night. We love the format and the engagement. We love teaching and learning.  We spoke about the variety of topics we touched on and realized that we wanted to go deeper. More than that, we wanted participants to be able to take something more practical away from these discussions. We want, as my friend Stephen Hurley once told me, "ideas for Monday and Someday".

To that end, the next poll will contain topics for discussion as usual, but we hope that the discussion will lead to a sharing and creating of resources for use in the classroom. Do you have a lesson that you taught that is relevant? Was there something that you tried that didn't work but that you believe has potential? Do you want to flesh out an idea for how to tackle new media? We'd like those questions and discussions to be the focus of our weekly chats, seen through the lens of the topic of the day.

Most of all, we'd love to hear from you! What do you think of this plan? Do you have any ideas for topics that you'd like to see in Monday's discussion? Let us know in the comments below or send us a Tweet!

To see the archive of last night's chat, visit the K12Media Wiki.