Investigating the Key Concepts of Media Literacy: #K12Media

14 Sep

Ms. Keats and I invite you to join us for a special series of #K12Media chats on Twitter! Over the next eight weeks, we will delve more deeply into the Eight Key Concepts of Media Literacy. Each week’s discussion will investigate one concept, connecting it to a particular medium. In addition, we will examine the potential limitations of the concept when considering new or emerging technologies. 

You can vote for your favourite "Hot Topic" in the poll at the end of this post, and the winner will be the one we use for the focus of this week's chat.

For a refresher on each concept: 

Media Literacy: Key Concepts (Media Awareness Network)

Key Concept 1: Media are Constructions of reality.

When studying media we examine how media are not simply a reflection of reality; they are carefully constructed versions of reality shaped by a multitude of factors.

Hot Topic One:

If media are constructions of reality, how can we teach our students to see the seams in the construction of reality television? (Toddlers in Tiaras, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives, Teen Mom, etc.)

Hot Topic Two:

Media are constructions of reality, but we also look to news media as a trusted source of do we present news as a form of media to our classes  with a critical eye?

Hot Topic Three:

Music videos are mini-movies of a particular musical talent. How can we dissect the ways that music videos create a slice of life that often can stand apart from the lyrics, genre of music, and even the image of the musician?