Mid-point Mash-up! #K12Media

12 Oct

by: Ms. Keats

Mid-point Mash-up

This week marks the halfway point in our examination of the Eight Key Concepts of Media Literacy. The discussions thusfar have provided us with much to think about. Each week, the hour seems to fly by and it seems as though we have just begun to explore the ideas generated. We thought it might be fun to use this week’s discussion to consolidate our talks thus far.  The discussion topics proposed below are inspired by the concept of the mash-up. It’s a way for us to recombine the previous weeks’ concepts and topics in a fresh way, giving us a chance to revisit ideas from earlier discussions and to further expand  ideas using a different framework.  Vote for your favourite below and we look forward to seeing you on October 17 @ 8pm!

Hot Topic One: Key Concept 1 Media are Constructions

Our original discussion centred on how news media are carefully created constructions that must be approached with a critical eye; looking again at media as a construction, consider how richly layered video games are, from characters, situations to environments, and scenarios the worlds created within the game are becoming more fully realized. How can we create discourse and discussion that recognizes and values these media, while still critiquing the messages that are constructed within them? 

Hot Topic Two: Key Concept 2 Media Construct Reality

Week two’s discussion looked at our external environment and how the construction of said environment shapes the reality an individual experiences. Looking again at how media construct our reality, how is the emerging male-grooming industry changing our understanding of masculinity/femininity? Is there a shift that is occurring in how people understand their physical bodies? How much of the messages within this new industry are new, how much are being created to attract a market? Does this new market impact the teaching of gender stereotypes? If so, how?

 Hot Topic Three: Key Concept 3 Audiences Negotiate Meaning in the Media

In week three, we examined the topic of videogames and the creation of personal meaning through the use of these media. Consider how audiences can negotiate meaning through the news media; in particular, how do individuals make personal meaning from stories that resonate personally with them? How do news outlets help to construct a narrative that connects to personal needs and anxieties, the pleasures or troubles of the day, racial and sexual attitudes, family and cultural background, and so forth? What happens when some stories/audience perspectives are downplayed or ignored?

Hot Topic Four: Key Concept 4 Media Have Commercial Implications
Week four’s discussion examined the male grooming industry as a new commercial landscape and the implications of this new market on individuals and greater society. With public and social spaces, individuals are navigating through environments where they are often expected to “pay to play”. If public spaces are becoming constructed as commercial in nature, how does this change we move through and interact with our environments? How does this exclude people who are not able or willing to participate in this commercial exchange?

Image: Zohar Manor-Abel